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– Chula Gemignani, US director Viva La Milpa Project https://vivalamilpa.com/

LEASE READ THIS and SHARE/POST IT: Mexico is NOT as in N-O-T banning GMO Corn. PLEASE STOP POSTING and sharing posts that this is the case. I understand why you want to celebrate any resistance against the biotech companies but NOTE THIS AND PLEASE REMEMBER ALWAYS (so you do not have to keep wondering whether to celebrate those facebook posts or not..)…Until ALL importations of corn from the US stop as in S-T-O-P, GMO corn continues to infiltrate Mexico (and any other country we export to that does not regulate seed)

Farming Revival:  It takes intelligent people to help solve it. It takes hard core activists who don’t believe what they read on facebook but research what is actually the truth. It takes LOVE IN ACTION.  The ban against GMOs in Mexico is a huge movement and so complicated. It means a complete farming revival. Mexican must go back to the land and revive the farming traditions but how? How do you start a farming revival in a country where the majority of the farmers now are 60 and older? How do you convince the younger generation who fled their village and family farm to go work in the city into returning to a farm where they witnessed their family go hungry? Their association to farming is poverty because that is all they have known. How to you start a farming revival in a country that is so corrupt that the government knocks on the doors and demands cut of any successful farmer no matter how big or small the farming opperation is or what the cost to the farmer or his families needs would be. How do you start a farming revival when the water is being privatized and hard to find to water your crops with? Oh believe me the Mexico Corn Conflict is soooo complicated.

Lets deconstruct the claim the Mexico has Banned GMOs…

This ruling only bans the biotech companies from their PLANTING projects. (OK sure go ahead and clap, that is a good thing of course)


6 million tons of GMO corn are imported ANNUALLY from the US to Mexico because of NAFTA /TLC (1974) deregulations and a HUGE money exchange over corn imports between US and Mexico governments.

The problem CONTINUES and so does the fight.

Members of the biotech and corn companies/corporations on BOTH sides are in bed with their government agencies and it is a big disgusting power hungry, greed driven agri-gov-makeout-session.

We know about Monsanto having members on the FDA.. well members of Maseca, Mexico’s biggest corn importer and seller, are in bed with an agency called CIBIOGEM (their form of the FDA) and we will just say they are also some ‘shady’ characters in the agencies of BOTH countries.

My activist friends in Mexico know that the “Mexico Bans GMO’ post is a JOKE! as in J-O-K-E. Hopefully some of them will comment on our face book page and twitter so that you can hear for yourselves that the “Mexico bans GMO” post is just a big distraction from the real heartbreaking problem.

The TRUTH of the GMO Corn issue of Mexico:

  • Corn importations have destroyed and continue to destroy cultural and bio diversity,
  • Economic Concerns: GMO importation has caused economic collapse of a once thriving farming practice,
  • Social concerns: This has displaced so many farmers from their lands and families as they move to cities for work.
  • Cultural Concerns: As a result there has been a loss of ancient indigenous customs and languages.
  • Environment: Loss of biodiversity and cross contamination of seeds is horrible in itself not to mention poisoned land and air.
  • Health: Many Mexicans are having kidney issues and other health concerns.  I HIGHLY do not recommend eating GMO corn every day (an average of 10 tortillas per day/per person in Mexico)
  • The big fiesta is when the US STOPS exporting corn to Mexico and THAT will happen only when Mexico STOPS importing it.  .

The story is deep and painful and complicated but that is the base of it. If you want to know more, go to Mexico and talk with the farmers. They will tell you ( as they did me), that men come to their (remote) farms and give them free seeds and sell them some chemicals. They will tell you that the seeds do not come up the next season. They will tell you that their cattle died after they sprayed the poison the men sold them. They will tell you that they still cannot plant in that field because nothing will thrive.

Oh let me tell you people, GMOs are NOT out of Mexico or banned in Mexico. Our comrades are busting booty down there keeping a fire of awareness blazing PLEASE DO NOT EXTINGUISH this much needed fight for food sovereignty by spreading this silly news any further. We can all have a big fiesta when the US STOPS exporting corn to Mexico and THAT will happen only when Mexico STOPS importing it.  .

You want to make a difference from where you are sitting?
– NEVER buy Maseca corn.
– NEVER buy Monsanto, dupont or any other stinking GMO corn/products
– Tell your friends to stop sharing the post about the ban and share this instead. read the info on our website (will be updated soon)
– Contribute to our traveling educational art exhibit that has created quite the stir in Mexico and is educating thousands of people of the risks of GMOs and the solutions.  https://vivalamilpa.com/
– Go to Mexico, she is your sister country and so beautiful and appreciates your love. When you are there visit our Gallery in San Cristobal De Las Casas at Casa Del Pan.

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